About Trek Birmingham

Trek Birmingham is an educational and recreational resource for the greater Birmingham area provided by Birmingham-Southern College’s Urban Environmental Studies Program. Trek pinpoints and describes destinations in greater Birmingham where visitors can experience and learn about the natural environment. The website offers authoritative information about each destination’s ecology, geology, biodiversity and watersheds and links them to learning resources.

The city enjoys a wealth of natural areas and nature education centers. We hope the project will help give Birmingham’s residents and visitors a sense of place, pride, and purpose in relation to their natural environment.

Contributors to this site include Dr. R. Scot Duncan, Francesca Gross, Dr. Ed Brands, Jeanne Jackson, and Hannah Wolfson.

Learn more about Dr. Duncan – Our Southern Wonder.

Please send comments or corrections to trek @ bsc.edu.

The program is funded through grants and donations to the Urban Environmental Studies Program at Birmingham-Southern College. Key donors include Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, Alabama Power, 3M and the Stephens Foundation.