Ecoregion George Ward Park

George Ward Park, like much of Jones Valley, falls within the Southern Limestone/Dolomite Valleys and Low Rolling Hills level IV ecoregion. This is a landscape where dolostone and limestone lie just below the surface. These rock formations yield numerous springs, sinkholes, and caverns – a landscape known as karst.

The soils from the Fullerton complex support oak, hickory, elm, yellow poplar, dogwood, and beech. Highly erodible soils on the steeper hills are a challenge for landscaping crews. Over the years, understory plants that held the soil in place have been cut to allow for recreational activities.

This level IV ecoregion is nested within the Ridge and Valley level III ecoregion, an area dominated by linear ridges and intervening valleys. The diverse topography and geology of this region support many ecosystems and, thus, many species. It stretches from central Alabama to New York State.