Journey of a Raindrop Through the Park

Follow along the journey of a raindrop through Railroad Park while learning about the water cycle.

Our raindrop falls from the sky with friends (precipitation) in heavy balls of water (condensation) and rolls down the amphitheater lawn to a collection pipe. Some drops have percolated into the soil under the thick grass of the amphitheater. Our raindrop emerges in the wetlands, dropping the dirt picked up along the way into the slow-moving water.


Some raindrops sink into the soil to give the plants a drink (infiltration) or pass through the soil to deep underground (percolation). These percolated drops could make their way to a Birmingham spring or stay deep underground for a long, long time.



Raceways or flumes like a water slide shoot the drops into the lake. Some raindrops travel up into the air (evaporation).


Raindrop moves across the deep pool to the next water slide. More raindrop friends sink into the soil, some leap into the air (evaporation) and some are caught by thirsty tree roots and travel up inside the tree to the leaves (transpiration).


The stream channel begins at a lake spillway and descends westward across the park, pooling several times, and threading thorough walkways as it goes.








In the summer, our raindrop slides around the toes of wading children, spilling over rocks to reach the end pool. A long, long pipe pulls the raindrop back to the lake cells to a fountain feature.