The Growing Greenway

The Shades Creek Greenway is growing!

Within the next few years, the Shades Creek Greenway will extend upstream (to the northeast) to connect with Jemison Park, crossing under Highway 31.   Downstream, it will pass under Interstate 65 and follow the creek channel behind Wildwood Shopping Center near the Wildwood Wildflower Preserve (formerly El Paso Wildflower Preserve).  The final phase will connect Shades Creek to West Homewood Park passing by John Carroll High School.  The endeavor is a partnership between the City of Homewood and Jefferson County and is funded through with a grant from the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Transit Authority. The expansion is part of a nationwide push to make it easier to move through our urban areas without using cars. Greenways improve community health by promoting exercise and reducing driving.

When finished, the Greenway will connect one university, two high schools, several shopping areas, residential neighborhoods and apartments, churches, businesses, and two parks. The trail will be paved, and trees will be planted for shade and to stabilize the creek bank.

The Shades Creek Greenway is part of a regional Green­way Mas­ter Plan called the Red Rock Ridge and Valley Trail System. The Greenway Master Plan shows proposed connections between existing parks and neighborhoods to make our region a  healthier and safer place to live and visit. The map below is a plan drawing for the full 3 phases of the Shades Creek Greenway. The complete Master Plan for the Red Rock Ridge and Valley regional plan is located in the Dig Even Deeper section of the Shades Creek Greenway page. Take a look and see where these new trails can take you!