Avondale entrance to the spring in Avondale Park
Wading Pool Avondale Park 1910
Pizitz's Department Store Easter egg hunt at Avondale Park
Avondale Park's Pavillion 1913
Avondale Park Amphitheater
Avondale Amphitheater and lake
Avondale Park and balloon
Avondale Park water path

Avondale Park


Avondale Park is one of Birmingham’s oldest and most beloved city parks.   Long before it was a park, travelers along the Georgia Road would stop to enjoy the cool, sweet waters of King Spring, which bubbles up from the park’s center. The 40-acre site has been a park since 1887 and was home to the first zoo in the area. The park was renovated in 2011 and hosts ball fields, an amphitheater, a duck pond encircled with walking trails meeting ADA standards, a playground, picnic pavilion, and numerous benches for resting and enjoying the lively scenery. Avondale Library and the restored Avondale Villa, an event facility, are also located on the property. The steep slopes of the hill above the park host a forest and woodland, as well as ruins from the zoo. On most days, weather permitting, the park is a busy place, enjoyed by visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Immediately adjacent to the park is downtown Avondale, one of Birmingham’s up-and-coming entertainment districts.


4101 5th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35222


What To Do Seasonal Highlights

• What To Do •

Visitors enjoy walking trails, picnicking, or sitting and watching the waterfowl at the duck pond. Children enjoy biking and the playground, teams enjoy the baseball and softball fields, and fishers angle for bluegill or bass. The duck pond and the woods atop the hill provide places to seek out urban wildlife.

• Seasonal Highlights •

During late spring through early fall, the park is a mecca for people and birds, who are attracted to the pond fed by King Spring. During autumn, the broadleaf trees on the hillside erupt into fall color before shedding their leaves. Winter brings out the beauty of the park’s landscape and architecture. Throughout the year, the park hosts community events and festivals.