Picnic Area
Snails in sunlight
Walking on the Cahaba River Walk
Cahaba River Walk terrace
Boulders at canoe launch

Cahaba River Walk


The Cahaba River Walk in Irondale runs parallel to the well-known Cahaba River. All along the fairly short trail there are small, steep trails that make their way down to the river for potential fishing spots and views of the river.  Several potential swimming holes can be found by taking these small side paths towards the edge of the river.  Even with the small area the Cahaba River Walk there are still plenty of things to do on the trail like swim, hike, fish, canoe, and kayak. One popular trail that makes its way down to the river has a rope swing over a deep swimming hole.  Other special features include a boat launch just below the bridge for both canoes and kayaks and a small picnic area half way down the trail.  The older canoe and kayak launch is simply a concrete landing that protrudes out of the bank closest to the parking lot.  In 2016 the Freshwater Land Trust and The Nature Conservancy in Alabama improved access to the river through a set of boulder steps.  This stop is one of the first improved entry points in the Cahaba River Blueway. The Cahaba River Walk is a cooperative project for outdoor recreation assisted by the Freshwater Land Trust and City of Irondale.


2171 Grants Mill Road
Birmingham, AL 35210
(205) 951-7696


What To Do Seasonal Highlights

• What To Do •

The great Cahaba River is a fascinating place to learn about biodiversity, geography, and topography With hundreds of species of plants, animals, and fish and many swimming holes, the Cahaba River Walk is a perfect destination to learn, relax, or have a good time. The view changes dramatically from season to season, so you can probably see several different fish species. While fishing in the area, people are known to catch several species of crappie, bass, and sunfish. If the fish and swimming holes aren’t of interest to you then take a walk or have a nice picnic and enjoy the view. The picnic area can be a very peaceful place for a lunch or evening break. The soothing sound of the river in the background with a chirping bird species in the foreground will equate to an unforgettable calm experience. The Cahaba River trail is a family friendly place so bring along your family or spend some time with friends. Whether it is playing hide and seek in the well forested area, swimming in the river, or jumping from the rope swing, everybody will have a great time. No matter what, there is always something to do while you are spending your time at the Cahaba River Walk.

• Seasonal Highlights •

Summer on the river is magic. Between canoeing the quiet waters of the Cahaba River Blueway, fishing from the bank or swinging on a rope swing this small park makes outdoor recreation lovers of us all. Canoeing is best in early spring and summer when water levels are higher.