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East Lake Park


East Lake Park is a 67-acre city park in the East Lake neighborhood of Birmingham. The centerpiece of the park is a 45-acre lake created by the damming of Village Creek in the 1880’s.

The East Lake subdivision was created in late 1880’s by the East Lake Land Company to attract new residents to the East Lake neighborhood. Most of these residents had moved to Birmingham for industrial jobs. The park once boasted a Ferris wheel, a shooting gallery, swimming areas, boat rides, a zoo, concerts, and a water slide.

Today, walkers, joggers, and fisherman enjoy the park. Adjacent to the park are public ball fields, tennis courts, a playground, and a swimming pool. Fisherman come with their tackle seeking catfish, bass, and bream (sunfish). Birders come with their binoculars seeking herons, ducks, and grebes. Nearby is the Samuelson EcoScape, a peaceful place to relax.


4th Avenue North & 82nd Street North
Birmingham, AL 35206


What To Do Seasonal Highlights

• What To Do •

Walkers and joggers enjoy the gravel path around the lake. Fishing spots abound around the lakeshore and on the piers. Birdwatching is best in the northeastern corner of the lake. Adjacent Lynn Park (not to be confused with downtown’s Linn Park) has a children’s playground and tennis courts. A public swimming pool and ball fields are also adjacent to the park.

• Seasonal Highlights •

The lake is always open to fishing, but your chances of catching a particular variety change throughout the year. For birdwatching, summer is the best time to observe breeding geese and herons, while winter is best to see a greater variety of water birds.