Bald Eagle Skull
Black Crappie
Prostega, the second largest turtle species
17-foot Bulldog Fish Fossil
Center Scientists lab
Inside the Explore Museum Collections Center
Pet a shark or ray
Jellyfish color changes as the light filter changes
Moon Jelly, from the Gulf Coast
Moon Jelly, from the Gulf Coast

McWane Science Center


The McWane Science Center is one of the Southeast’s premier science education centers. Presenting hands-on exhibits that demonstrate science in ways that are both fun and informative, the Center pursues its mission of changing lives through science and wonder.

On a visit to this Nature Center Trek destination, you can explore the region’s environment and biodiversity. Exhibits put you face to face with native aquatic animals and illustrate the importance of Alabama’s freshwater resources. Other displays – including a Shark and Ray Touch Tank – feature marine animals that live downstream from Birmingham, on the Gulf Coast. A spectacular presentation of Alabamian dinosaurs and “sea monsters” brings our ancient biodiversity – with all its teeth and claws – back to life. The Birmingham Audubon Society’s NatureScope exhibit features the dinosaur’s descendants – Alabama’s birdlife. And you can experience Alabama’s climate – its nurturing mildness and violent extremes – through interactive displays that put you in the path of tornados and hurricanes.


200 19th Street North
Birmingham, AL 35203


What To Do Seasonal Highlights

• What To Do •

The McWane Science Center offers many days of exciting adventures in one central location. You can face the jaws of the Appalachian Tyrannosaur, pet sharks from the Gulf Coast, lie on a bed of nails, reach inside a tornado, stand in hurricane-force winds, or be dazzled with the latest science in the Imax Dome Theater. The youngest visitors will enjoy excavating dinosaur fossils in a sandbox and romping through the “Just Mice Size” play area. You can plan your visit using the Center’s online listing of exhibits and events.

The Center hosts birthday parties and other events and welcomes school groups. There are day camps throughout the year and overnight camp-ins for groups. Volunteer docents are welcomed. A gift store is packed with science toys and kits, and the Smart Café offers a variety of snacks and meals.

If you’re a first-time visitor, you’ll have fun just wandering through the different exhibits, but if you’ve been there before, you may want to go armed with a plan. See our Trek Birmingham articles for suggested themes, including Birmingham’s sharks, Alabama’s water resources, and Birmingham’s dinosaurs.

• Seasonal Highlights •

New exhibits and events appear throughout the year. Check the Center’s online calendar for the latest.