Red Mountain Cut National Natural Landmark


The Red Mountain Road Cut, and the Geological Walkway that is  located on the east side of the Cut, was once an amazing field trip destination for earth science students from grade school to college as well as  professional societies of geologists. In 1975 ground was broken for the Red Mountain Museum, located on the east side of the Cut that focused on the geology and paleontology/paleogeography of Alabama. A geological walkway was constructed on the second terrace of the east side of the Cut with an access walkway from the Museum.   This slice in the earth was designated by the National Park Service in 1987 as a National Natural Landmark along with other state geologic wonders.  The museum has since closed, the building razed and the geologic collections taken to McWane Science Center. The chain link fence that leads to the walkway is often locked. The Alabama  Paleontological Society along with others, would like to see access restored.


U.S. 280
Birmingham, AL 35223


What To Do Seasonal Highlights

• What To Do •

As of Autumn 2014, the walkway is not open to pedestrians. Take some binoculars to see the rock face on the western side of the cut from the small community park on 22nd Street South. Contact the City of Birmingham for more information.

• Seasonal Highlights •

These rocks hold the heat, so plan your visit early in the day in the warmer months. The best viewing season is winter when you can see the 'bones' of the mountain.