Along the Songo Trail
Redding shaft mine hoist house, built 1917
Redding shaft mine hoist house today
Closed entrance to the Number 13 mine
Dry forest along the ridge
In the canopy at Ishkooda Overlook
Spring Field

Red Mountain Park


Red Mountain Park is an exciting new addition to Birmingham’s collection of green spaces. Celebrating Birmingham’s unique industrial history, the park invites you to explore the connection between Red Mountain’s geology and the city’s cultural heritage. Miles of forested trails through 1,300 acres are open for recreation and nature study and lead you to spectacular overlooks and mine ruins. The Red Ore Zip Tour allows you to glide through the forest canopy, while the Hugh Kaul Beanstalk Forest provides a treetop challenge course with 20 unique ropes course obstacles. More opportunities for recreation and exploration of historical features are in the works.


2011 Frankfurt Drive
Birmingham, AL 35211
(205) 202-6043


What To Do Seasonal Highlights

• What To Do •

Visit spectacular mine ruins and hike to scenic overlooks. Hike, jog, or bike along the park’s 11 miles of trails. Study how nature is reclaiming the mountain after a century of industrial activity. Enjoy a thrilling ride on a zip line through the forest canopy or take on the challenge of a ropes course in the trees. Stay-tuned: more recreational and educational features will be added in the coming years. Riley-Travellick EcoScape is nearby.

• Seasonal Highlights •

An all-season park! Winter hikes allow you to study the terrain and view the mining ruins more clearly. Visit in spring to look for flowering plants and birds returning for the summer. In summer, the park provides deep shade and escape from the heat of the urban environment. Autumn trees provide colorful foliage for trail hikers.