Tarrant Ecoscape


This former dry cleaner site now serves as a civic square for those visiting downtown Tarrant. It also provides an outdoor reading room, dining space, and classroom for those wanting to learn about xeriscaping and bioswales and their positive benefits to the community.  Located at 1113 Ford Avenue in downtown Tarrant, this novel project provides natural restoration to a vacant lot.  Designed for passive recreation and use as an outdoor classroom, Tarrant Ecoscape’s bioswales mitigate stormwater runoff from adjacent parking lots. Fonde Taylor’s ornamental fence gives a second life to metal waste and serves as a frame for climbing roses. The park features a mosaic fountain, benches made from reclaimed granite street curbs, and herb garden planted by Tarrant Middle School students.   Seventh and eighth-graders helped create a European herb  gar­den through a Learn and Serve: Science in Action grant through Tar­rant City schools.

Art: Fence by Fonde Taylor, benches by Arnie Rutkis

Funding: City of Tarrant, Alabama

Red Rock Ridge and Valley Trail Link: Five Mile Creek Greenway, Aqueduct Connector Trail


1113 Ford Ave
Tarrant, AL

What To Do Seasonal Highlights

• What To Do •

Enjoy a quiet moment near the fountain.

• Seasonal Highlights •

Open dawn to dusk every day.